About Me

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Hi everyone, and welcome to my site!  My name is Chris and I’m originally from the United States of America, specifically Michigan.  I first discovered my love of travel when I spent a summer in Guatemala doing service while attending University.  After studying for a semester in London, I made a few post-grad trips to South Africa and Brazil.  When I had an opportunity to travel again when I was in between jobs, I took the chance and travelled through Africa, Thailand, India, and Europe!  A thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie, I seek out all adventure activities that are (reasonably) safe, from skydiving to rock climbing to scuba diving.  I also love sampling all of the delicious food that each different culture has to offer.

To see more of my adventures experiences, check out his blog, photos on Instagram, or pins on Pinterest.  Contact me at chris@toindiaandbeyond.com.